Special Foods Contest
The information on this page is intended to provide you with a mini special foods workshop.  Senior 4-H member Megan Linke prepared the videos, examples of forms and resource links.  There are two examples, one for a beginner level and one for a junior level.  Please email Megan at megan.linke@jacks.sdstate.edu if you have any questions.

Beginner level - Beginners can choose to do a snack menu and therefore often one of the first recipes a beginner will make is a smoothie.  Here is a link to a video by Megan - Making a Triple Berry Smoothie
(182) Special Foods: Smoothie - YouTube
Please note that nutricious drinks (smoothies) should be served from a pitcher. The pitcher stays at the place setting so it should coordinate with the dinnerware. I did not show you this in my video example.

There are 4 required forms.  Here are links to examples of completed forms for my Triple Berry Smoothie.

Junior level - Juniors need to do a menu for one meal of the day and prepare one of the items on the menu.  Here is a link to a video by Megan - Making a Tortilla Beef Casserole.  Note that during the video I said it served 4, but the recipe actually serves 6.
(183) Special Foods: Tortilla Beef Casserole - YouTube

There are 4 required forms.  Here are links to examples of completed forms for my Tortilla Beef Casserole.

Here is a link to the complete Special Foods Contestant Packet.
2022 Special Foods Contestant Packet (sdstate.edu)
My Plate Plan
Cost Per Serving Worksheet (seniors only)

This is a link to the Special Foods Handbook, which will provide you with all the rules, nutrition knowledge and guidelines for Special Foods.

South Dakota 4-H Special Foods Handbook (sdstate.edu)

Nutrition knowledge is a very important component of the Special Foods contest.  Please review the Handbook for the information you will need to know.  The judging forms here will give you a strong idea of the types of information you need to know for each age division.

I will be adding pictures of place setting examples. Below are some suggested recipes with more to come.
Recipes should provide a serving from the MyPlate Food Group in which they are entered. Use the Special Foods Worksheets (found in the contestant packet) and Serving Size Guide (starting on page 31 of the Handbook) to determine if the recipe is eligible for the contest.

2021 Sanborn County Special Foods Contest Recipes
2020 Sanborn County Special Foods Contest Recipes

I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to particpate in Special Foods.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Megan Linke


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